On Saturday 7 July at 4pm on the corner of Kortestraat and Kleine Oord in Arnhem, a group of artists presented Routine – an open reworking of a performance that stems from their work over the past year in Arnhem and in Senegal on a project that sought to explore how ‘theatre’ can be understood from the position of artistic practice: to consider, occupy and enact aspects of theatre and its operations as the means to examine the positions from which we speak, how we act, and what, through different frames, speaking and action might be. Routine articulates some of the group’s concerns with this set of relationships – between themselves and others and their environment. As such it is also informed by the question of how to make a performance together and the pleasures and pains of the collaborative process.

practice-theatre is a performance project tutored by Ian White in collaboration with
Emma Hedditch and Jimmy Robert, and coordinated by Tanja Baudoin and If I can't Dance, I Don't Want to be Part of your Revolution at the Dutch Art Institute.

Routine was conceptualised and performed by Mercedes Azpilicueta, Rosie Heinrich,
Anna Hoetjes, Eden Mitsenmacher, Lara Morais, Ane Østrem, Eric Philippoz, Vanja
Smiljanic, Marija Sujica, Witta Tjan, Sander UitdeHaag and Mariana Zamarbide.